Robin Colyn spent much of the week finalising logistics for the upcoming White-winged Flufftail survey across three localities. Robin commenced working on a script that will facilitate data collation for the Red Lark and White-winged Flufftail projects. As part of the Conservation Modelling Project, Robin finalised some modelling pipelines for habitat suitability modelling taking place next week. Carina Coetzer spent the first couple of days of 2019 planning for the coming year including liaison with Robin Colyn regarding upcoming White-winged Flufftail fieldwork and a short meeting with Peter Nelson regarding using the BirdLasser metadata for a private Ingula challenge. Hanneline Smit-Robinson, Sam Ralston, Linda van den Heever and Melissa Whitecross were on leave this week.




Candice Stevens is on leave and returns to the office on Monday 14 January.

Fiscal Benefits Programme - Tax extension officer

Newly appointed Tax Extension Officer (Fiscal Benefits Program), Ellane van Wyk, completed the updating of standard landowner engagement templates used by the Fiscal Benefits Program. These include the Landowner Engagement Letter, Terms & Conditions, and Landowner Information Tables. Ellane also started working on drafting the first version of the tax extension database for the Fiscal Benefits Programme.


Jonathan Booth returned from leave on Wednesday and spent the remainder of the week catching up on various advocacy cases and updating files and databases.   



The majority of the shortened work week was spent dealing with administrative tasks including the compilation of annual budgets as well as work plans for the first quarter of 2019. A limited amount of time was spent on the drafting of permit application forms for various activities involving avifauna in Mozambique under the SPEED+ project as well as on three feasibility reports focusing on avitourism development opportunities at three transfrontier conservation areas.

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