sbr-home8Johannesburg is located in the eastern plateau area of South Africa known as the Highveld, at an elevation of 1,753 metres. Johannesburg is located on the south side of the prominent ridge called the Witwatersrand and the terrain falls to the north and south. The Witwatersrand marks the watershed between the Limpopo and Vaal rivers as the northern part of the city is drained by the Jukskei River and the southern part of the city, including most of the CBD, is drained by the Klip River. The north and west of the city has undulating hills while the eastern parts are flatter. The city boundary stretch from Orange Farm in the south to Midrand in the north and includes Diepsloot, Randburg and Roodepoort. This area was predominantly a grassland region but large quantity of planted trees in the suburbs of Johannesburg has permitted many woodland birds to move into the city during the last few decades. The remaining natural areas on the outskirts of the city host a number of birds that are endemic to this region.

Birder Friendly Establishments in this area: