About Spyker

NestresNest Site (Photo: Jan Griesel)A nest was discovered by farm workers on the farm Spingfontein (also known as Garingboom Guest Farm) in January 2012. The owners of the farm, Jan and Riette Griesel, who are avid bird watchers and conservationists, informed the National Museum in Bloemfontein about his nest. Spyker and his/her sibling hatched in January 2012 and their growth was closely monitored by Dawie de Swart, the ornithologist at the National Museum.

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The tracking device was sponsored by OFM Radio. For more info about OFM Radio click here. OFM Radio gave Spyker his/her name!

Tracking Device

The tracking device was fitted on 22 March 2012. Spyker was then roughly 8 weeks old and weighed3.5kg. On the right hand side is a photo of the nest.

Map of Spyker's Movements

Spyker left the nest for the first time on 10 April 2012 and moved about 10kms per day in an easternly direction. We unfortunately have not received any data since 9 June 2012. The map below indicate Spyker's movement until we received its last position.

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