About BLiNG

We learnt about the nest site through Arnaud Le Roux, who is the Conservation Manager at Sondela Nature Reserve. Arnaud closely monitored the nest site before we attached the device to BLiNG. Sondela provided us with fantastic support.

For more information about Sondela click here.


The tracking device was sponsored by BirdLife Northern Gauteng, a bird club based in Pretoria. For more info about the club click here.

Tracking Device

The tracking device was fitted in January 2013 to an immature bird at Sondela Nature Reserve near Bela-Bela in the Limpopo Province. The event was filmed and broadcast on the SABC's 50/50 environmental programme on 25 February 2013. BirdLife South Africa also funded a cameratrap that was placed near the nest site in order to monitor the nest. Below are some of the photos of the birds at the nest.


Map of BLiNG's Movements

Below is a map showing the location and movement of BLiNG since it left its natal area.

After leaving its natal area, BLiNG moved almost directly to Botswana, more than 250 km away. It spent quite a few days just north of Gaborone sleeping each night at a new locality. BLiNG then moved north all the way to the Magadigadi Pans before moving south to the last position indicated on the map. Unfortunately cell reception in this area in Botswana is not so good and as the data are downloaded through the cell network, positions are only received intermittently.