Oceans of Life Festival

Photograph by: Dr. Roelof van der Merwe

BirdLife South Africa's Seabird Programme is at the forefront of seabird conservation, nationally and globally. Seabirds are the most threatened group of birds in the world - almost one third of all seabird species are threatened with some extinction risk. We risk losing iconic birds such as the African Penguin and the majestic albatrosses that roam the southern oceans.

We need to step up our efforts to protect seabirds because the current losses for many species are not sustainable.

To raise awareness and funds for seabird conservation, BirdLife South Africa's Seabird Programme hold the annual Oceans of Life Festival, part of National Marine Week, which aims to educate people about the threats seabirds face and inspire them to help BirdLife South Africa make a difference. 

 Oceans of Life – a retrospective

Location: Iziko Museum of Natural History        

From: Oct 6th, 2016 To: Nov 25th, 2016

Venue: King’s Map Hall
Date: 6 October 2016 to 25 November 2016

Oceans of Life – a retrospective is a culmination of the top images from the Oceans of Life international photographic exhibition, since 2009. The exhibition, hosted by BirdLife South Africa in partnership with the Iziko South African Museums, strives to show our oceans in all their splendor and glory. Photographers from all over the world have submitted their best work over the past seven years and 40 of these photos have been chosen for the exhibition. The 2016 Retrospective  show, aims to exhibit the interrelatedness between conservation, love and knowledge, and how these three elements are jointly needed to preserve our most vital life source – our oceans.  

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Enquiries: Nini van der Merwe, Tel: 021 419 7347 or email: nini.vdmerwe@birdlife.org.za