Fledge: Young Birders Conservation Club

What is Fledge?

BirdLife South Africa is excited to introduce its newest hippest coolest exclusive membership programme aimed at the YOUth. A creative and dynamic platform where education meets the digital age, everything is social. Whether you are an avid birder, a wandering scientist or looking for the next big social trend – here it is – Birding, and it promises to be lit!

Cool story bro, so what now? Well, if you are interested in joining in Fledge, all you have to do is take the #FledgePledge. Fledge is a free exclusive membership for you to use and connect with likeminded #Peeps to form part of your #BirdSquad. Whether you are a casual bird watcher, a future scientist, a wanna-be conservationist or just an explorer, Fledge welcomes you! Take the #FledgePledge today and enter a new community, be a part of the movement – be a hero, be a conservationist!!

Fledge Pledge:

Birds inspire life.

Birds live in many places, from arid deserts to temperate forests. They live on land, on islands and at sea. They inhabit the wild. They inhabit cities. They inhabit my heart.

I promise to look up at every chance, to notice my feathered friends that fill the sky with magic and wonder.

I promise to learn from my winged friends.

I promise to protect them in all habitats.

I pledge to fledge as a conservationist, as a citizen, as a hero that protects birds.


This is my promise.

This is my cause.

I am For The Birds!

I am a hero. I am a conservationist.


Why join Fledge:

Fledge utilises technology to communicate important issues in conservation using innovation and interaction. Okay, enough with the jargon. Fledge is cool. Fledge allows you to learn about birds without leaving the couch. It is in the palm of your hand. Fledge will feed your mind and nurture your soul – nature comes to you in bite sized portions on a completely mobile friendly platform!

Still need more? BirdLife South Africa encourages you to actively participate in Fledge with its innovative interactive reward system. You are rewarded for interacting with Fledge and BirdLife South Africa.

Learn. Conserve. Fledge.