Important information on paying BirdLife South Africa membership fees

Current members

When paying your BirdLife South Africa subscription, please use your membership number as payment reference.

New members

Please use your initials and surname as payment reference.
Please email or fax proof of payment to Shireen Gould on or +27(0)11 789 5188

Cheque fraud alert

We have recently had a few cases of cheque fraud where cheques have been intercepted in the post, "washed" and all the information on the face of the cheques with the exception of the signature altered and the cheques deposited in different bank accounts.

Cases have been opened with the South African Police Services by the people whose cheques have been altered. Unfortunately it is the responsibility of the drawer of the cheques to open a case of fraud and not the responsibility of BirdLife South Africa as we were never the recipient of the cheques.

The recommendation of the SAPS is that cheques should not be sent via the post as cheque interception and fraud is a common occurrence.

If you do wish to pay your membership subscription by cheque and sending it via the post, we strongly suggest that you do the following:

  • Make cheques payable to "BIRDLIFE SOUTH AFRICA" only and do not make cheques payable to "BLSA" as these cheques can be altered.
  • Make cheques "NOT TRANSFERABLE". You can purchase a stamp at a stationery store with this wording on it and then place the stamp on the face of the cheques.

We appeal to all members who pay their BirdLife South Africa subscription by cheques to reconsider this method of payment and choose one of the other methods of payment (credit card, EFT or direct deposit) to avoid cheque fraud.

For more information, please contact Shireen Gould, Membership Manager on +27(0)11 789 1122 or email