Sep / Oct 2016

Talking Tech
First do no harm

Grant Atkinson addresses the issue of ethics in bird photography and those people who have to get the shot, even if it’s at the bird’s expense.

Crash-test dummies
Foraging ecology of Cape Gannets

Peter Ryan explores how Cape Gannets behave at sea and what this means for their conservation.

Fancy footwork
The dazzling diversity of avian feet

Lisa Nupen examines the remarkable diversification of birds’ feet and how the structure often provides insight into the species’ ecology.

First impressions

Arno Ellmer’s first visit to Ethiopia enabled him to track down some of the many endemic and near-endemic species he had long sought.

Steppe Whimbrel
Discovery and identification in southern Africa

Gary Allport and Callan Cohen encourage birders to see if they can find and photograph the rare Steppe Whimbrel.