May / June 2018

Personal Best
Finding the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Gary Allport describes his discovery of the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper in Maputo, a first for mainland
Africa, and the subsequent events.

Track & Trace
Andrew McKechnie examines how technology used for tracking bird movements has advanced in
recent decades and highlights current developments.

Out-birding the birds of the miombo
Leslie Reynolds leads birders through the miombo in search of mixed-species parties and divulges
how to outsmart wily skulkers.

Portfolio: Just a moment
Celebrated conservation photographer Peter Chadwick shares some of his favourite images.

Endemics, anyone?
Madagascar’s birds
Rated as one of 12 mega-diversity hotspot countries in the world, Madagascar exudes an
atmosphere distinctly its own. And, of course, it has an abundance of endemic species.

Cape Bird Club
The second oldest bird club in the country looks back on the 70 years of its existence and shares its
plans to encourage new birders.